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The ocean is our backyard. It’s part of who we are. At California Fish Grill we believe it should be easy to enjoy healthy, delicious seafood, at a great price, as often as you want. This is precisely what Victor Topete, founder of California Fish Grill, found himself thinking in 1998. Since then, we’ve been grilling and crafting delicious, healthy, seafood favorites for our growing family of loyal guests. Pledged to have respect for the ocean, we promise that our seafood can be enjoyed for years to come by partnering with reputable fisheries that provide only the freshest wild-caught and responsibly farm-raised fish.

You’re among family and friends now. Savor our open kitchen as vegetables and herbs are chopped, fish is hand battered, and meals are cooked on our signature flame grill. Open a bottle of wine and enjoy an appetizer, while we cook and prepare everything by hand. It’s hard work… but for us, it’s worth it. 


Bob has been working and leading teams in the restaurant industry for more than 25 years. His passionate focus on amazing food quality, teamwork, people development and customer service are what makes California Fish Grill one of the fastest growing concepts in the nation. Bob’s favorite CFG meal is Cajun Salmon.

Paul Potvin CFO

Paul has over 19 years of restaurant industry experience. With a MBA from Loyola University. His focus on financial strategy and key business objectives are one of the key driving forces behind the CFG success story. His favorite California Fish Grill meal is Battered Shrimp Tacos.


California Fish Grill is crazy about fish… Committed to those who crave, catch, and cook it. Our mission is to provide our fish-loving friends with high quality, scrumptiously healthy seafood, in an enjoyable atmosphere–all at a great price. We love the fact that our passion for fresh, healthy and delicious align perfectly with the daily decisions of our fans. Together, we are liberating the love of seafood.

 A.S.P.I.R.E. Always Strive for Perfection in (Really) Everything. 

At California Fish Grill we live by a list of core values: We care about people; we’re passionate about aspiring; we do the right thing, the right way and have fun doing it.

People matter. Flavors matter. Variety matters. Health matters. Sourcing matters. Hospitality matters. We’re proud to uphold these ideals and we aspire to greatness every day. For those that live a healthy lifestyle, California Fish Grill is the obvious go-to for unique flavors and feel-good menu options specially prepared. Over 17 years, our friends and guests have realized the surprising value of California Fish Grill.

“Go ahead…liberate your cravings. This is taste bud heaven.”

Our team members are fish specialists, committed and passionate about their craft. We are proud to be a strong community partner, working to build relationships, support local farmers, educate the community about responsibly-sourced seafood, and promote environmentally responsible choices. Pull up a chair. Let’s swap fish stories.

We’re crazy about fish… Committed to those who crave, catch and cook it. That’s why we proudly partner with the finest fisheries in the world to provide our guests with wildly delicious seafood at the most affordable price.

california fish grill ahi tuna
ahi tuna
Pole and line caught, brilliant crimson red, firm meaty texture, clean mild flavor, the steak of the ocean, sushi grade, a favorite for poke.
california fish grill pollock
Firm yet flaky, mild slightly nutty, delicate white, perfect breaded or battered and quick-fried.
california fish grill swordfish
Firm white steak texture, clean yet
full flavored, tastes great grilled.
california fish grill sockeye salmon
sockeye Salmon
Famous for its deep rich color and robust flavor, our sushi grade Alaskan Sockeye is perfect for the grill. It remains moist and tender due to its healthy Omega-3 fats.
california fish grill ono
We’re proud to introduce a new flaky white fish that grills to perfection. Its mild flavor is beautifully enhanced by our signature spices and sauces. After all, Ono does mean "delicious” in
Hawaiian. Also known as Wahoo, flaky with mild flavor, enjoy grilled or Cajun
pan seared.
california fish grill calamari
Firm yet tender, mild oceanic sweetness, well balanced with a crispy outer crust.
california fish grill swai
Moderate firm flakes, white with pink tones, mild clean flavor similar to sole, ideal grilled.
california fish louisana delta catfish
louisiana delta catfish
Firm white, mild tender flakes, takes well to spices, clean craveable taste, great grilled or fried.
california fish grill idaho trout
idaho trout
Mild nuttiness, tender white flakes, pairs well with sauces.
california fish grill shrimp
An ocean gem, versatile, firm white meat, slightly pink with sweet sea notes.
california fish grill talapia
Delicate white flakes, mild flavor similar to sea bass, harvested from pristine waters, tastes great grilled.
california fish grill sea bass barramundi
sea bass (barramundi)
Firm yet tender white flakes, mild delectable flavor with ocean sweetness, ideal grilled with extra virgin olive oil
and lemon.
california fish grill atlantic salmon
atlantic salmon
Rich in Omega-3s, bold orange, smooth
velvety flakes, full flavor, perfect grilled.
aquaculture stewardship councilbest aquaculture practices
** Aquaculture Stewardship Council certified. For more information, visit www.asc-aqua.org
** Best Aquaculture Practices Certification. For more information, visit www.bap.gaalliance.org