We only serve seafood that is rated Best Choice or Good Alternative by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program or Eco-Certified by a third party.

For 20 years Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® has been a leader in global marine conservation, educating producers on sustainable harvesting practices, and monitoring the fishing industry’s impact on the environment.

Your choices matter.

Our Seafood has a Story to Tell.


    Catch Method: Hand Lines and Hand Operated Pole and Line

    Location: Western and Central Pacific Ocean

    Brilliant crimson red, firm meaty texture, clean mild flavor, the steak of the ocean, sushi grade, a favorite for poke.

  • Rockfish

    Catch Method: Bottom Trawls, Midwater Trawls

    Location: US West Coast, Pacific Coast

    Known for its sweet mild flavor with a flaky, medium-firm texture, delicious grilled or fried.

  • sockeye salmon

    Catch Method: Gill Net

    Location: Alaska

    Brilliant red orange, robust flavor, velvety texture.  A perfect wild caught choice that pairs well with a myriad of sauces.

  • Clams

    Catch Method: Towed Dredges

    Location: Atlantic Ocean

    Delicate sweetness, firm yet tender texture, mild saltiness, perfect for bisque & chowders.

  • Calamari

    Catch Method: Jig Caught

    Location: Peru

    Firm yet tender, mild oceanic sweetness, well balanced with crispy outer crust.

  • atlantic salmon

    Catch Method: Marine Net Pen

    Location: Norway/Chile/Canada

    Rich in Omega-3, bold orange, smooth velvety flakes, full flavor, perfect grilled.

  • louisiana delta catfish

    Catch Method: Pond

    Location: USA

    Firm white, mild tender flakes, takes well to spices, clean craveable taste, great grilled or fried.

  • tilapia

    Catch Method: Pond

    Location: Indonesia

    Delicate white flakes, mild flavor similar to sea bass, harvested from pristine waters, tastes great grilled.

  • shrimp

    Catch Method: Pond

    Location: India/Indonesia

    An ocean gem, versatile, firm white meat, slightly pink with sweet sea notes.

  • Sea Bass (Branzino)

    Catch Method: Marine Net Pen

    Location: Mediterranean Sea, Turkey

    Lean protein, rich in Omega-3.  Firm yet tender flakes,  delectable flavor fit for discerning seafood afficionados and newbie fish eaters.

  • Swai

    Catch Method: Pond

    Location: Vietnam

    Moderate firm flakes, white with pink tones, mild clean flavor similar to sole, ideal grilled.