Simply Grilled Rockfish

Simply Grilled Rockfish

What makes this recipe special?

Having grown up on the coasts of Hawaii and California eating fish daily, I knew I was onto something special when I tasted our newest rockfish creation. Rockfish is known for its firm white flakes and mild, sweet, nutty flavor that satisfies a broad spectrum of seafood eaters. One taste was all it took to find myself on a plane to Oregon in search of a sustainable supplier. Once on the docks, I was fortunate enough to see the fresh rockfish being offloaded to the processing facility just minutes after landing. It was well worth the trip!

Fail-safe cooking tip:

Keep it simple–don’t let cooking intimidate you! This is your chance to enjoy time in your kitchen, so turn on the music and grab your favorite beverage. I love using a grill at a high temperature. As a simple rule of thumb, your grill should be hot enough that when you brush it with oil, it smokes within 3-5 seconds. This high temperature sears, locks in moisture, and prevents fish from sticking to the grill.

Typically, I lightly brush the rockfish with a light oil, then dust it with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. Upon removing the fish from the grill and plating, drizzle with the best extra virgin olive oil you can get your hands on, sprinkle with finely diced chilies and freshly chopped Italian parsley, and finish with a squeeze from a grilled lemon.

What most people don’t know about this dish:

Pacific rockfish, a once omnipresent source of seafood, nearly landed on the endangered list due to irresponsible fishing practices. But today, thanks to more responsible management, Pacific rockfish has rebounded and is a success story of sustainable fishing.

What inspires me about sustainable seafood:

California Fish Grill believes in liberating the love of seafood. Giving everyone access to delicious, responsibly-sourced seafood is at our core. Growing up with the ocean as my backyard, I know the pride and passion that results from eating and preparing fresh seafood with friends and family. We want this time around the table with loved ones to continue for generations to come. Providing sustainable seafood is the easy choice because it is the right choice. We must respect this gift the ocean gives us.

Why partner with Seafood Watch:

Seafood Watch is the only program that truly partners with our ocean.  The program has a multi-level army of highly qualified and passionate aquatic warriors that seek to keep our ocean healthy, so it can provide beauty, food and fun for generations to come.

Simply Grilled Rockfish
  • 1 ea                     Rockfish Fillet – boneless, skinless, 7-8 oz
  • 1 Tbl                    Olive Oil – light, neutral flavor
  • ½ tsp                 Black Pepper – fresh ground
  • 1 tsp                    Sea Salt
  • 2 Tbl                    Extra Virgin Olive – best you can get your hands on
  • 1 Tbl                    Serrano & Fresno Chili – fine dice
  • 1 Tbl                    Italian Parsley – rough chop
  • ½ ea.                   Lemon - grilled              
  • Note:  Pre heat grill to high heat, brush grill grates with oil prior to placing fish on grill.


  1. Place rockfish fillet on plate, brush each side with light olive oil
  2. Season each side evenly with salt and pepper
  3. ½ tsp                 Black Pepper – fresh ground
  4. Be sure your grill is hot!  
  5. Place seasoned rockfish fillet on hot grill, cook 2 ½- 3min on each side
  6. Place halved lemon cut side down, grill for 1-2 min to allow lemon to char  and caramelize
  7. Remove rockfish from grill, place on desired serving plate, drizzle with the best extra virgin olive oil you can find.
  8. Sprinkle with diced chilis and fresh Italian parsley
  9. Finish with a squeeze of grilled lemon