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Having cultivated a love of food and cooking at an early age in his own family kitchen, Louie Jocson has since turned his passion into profit with much success in the restaurant industry. Whether he’s working on startup restaurant concepts in local communities, or working as the executive chef in well-known establishments, Chef Louie’s favorite moments are still those spent cooking for his own family. His cooking reflects his unique style built on a classic foundation - flair for the familiar with an indescribable edge. Louie sharpened his knives and earned his toque at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, California. The accolades given by guests, editorials, and industry peers including the James Beard foundation, all rave about Chef Louie's fun and innovative approach to the food he passionately shares.

Presently, Chef Louie serves as Vice President, Food & Beverage for California Fish Grill.

An image of the Simply Grilled Rockfish recipe
Simply Grilled Rockfish

What makes this recipe special?

Having grown up on the coasts of Hawaii and California eating fish daily, I knew I was onto something special when I tasted our newest rockfish creation. Rockfish is known for its firm white flakes and mild, sweet, nutty flavor that satisfies a broad spectrum of seafood eaters.

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